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Sarah is a seasoned presenter whose enthusiasm, ability to engage a wide range of audiences, and convey complex subject matter in accessible ways are appreciated by audiences around the world.

She infuses humour and compassion in her teaching, to foster curiosity, a beginner’s mind, and common humanity in participants.

Her thoroughness and ability to convey both the depth and breadth of topics provides students with a comprehensive immersion into cutting edge material.

Equally at ease providing lecture-style and experiential learning-focused offerings, she seeks to model the very principles she teaches in her facilitation.

Sought out by professionals in the private and public sectors, Sarah has had the pleasure of addressing a variety of individuals, groups and programs, from upper management to frontline workers, administrative support, and clinical practitioners.

A popular teacher whose courses are frequently sold out, she is comfortable working with small, medium and large groups alike, from 10 to 500. Aside from being hired or hosted by organizations and agencies, she is an instructor in the Trauma Certificate Program at Wilfrid Laurier University.


Healing Refuge SarahFrom Custom Trainings to Conferences

Sarah is happy to discuss your needs, whether it is for a keynote speaker, a pre-conference focused seminar, or a custom webinar or training. Some topic areas include:

For Human Services Professionals:

  • Trauma-informed service delivery (customized based on agency or scope of practice)
  • Integrative trauma assessment, case conceptualization, and treatment
  • Touch and somatics in trauma therapy
  • Neurodivergence and trauma
  • Boundaries work
  • Early developmental trauma and relational rupture and repair
  • Parts work and complex dissociation
  • Boundaries work
  • Early developmental trauma and relational rupture and repair
  • Parts work and complex dissociation
  • The intersections of trauma, religion, and spiritual practices (including spiritual bypassing, guru culture, meditation, and ritual abuse)
  • Recovering from narcissistic abuse and navigating clinical complexity pertaining to cluster B personality traits and behaviours

For Equine-Focused Audiences:

  • EQUUSOMA® Equine-Human Trauma Recovery Training
  • Equuscience™ Courses
  • Trauma-informed horsemanship
  • Case conceptualization for equines (or equine-human pairs) as clients
  • Attachment dynamics in human-animal relationships
  • Equestrian trauma

Sarah welcomes the opportunity to discuss your needs further and to support the professional development goals of your audience, staff, or organization.

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    1. The Fundamentals of Somatic Experiencing® seminar is not an equivalent for the formal, 3 year Somatic Experiencing® training program and is offered independently from the Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute.