Sarah Schlote teaching at Healing RefugeSarah offers consultation services to support helping and healing professionals, horse lovers, and equine-focused professionals develop their skills, knowledge and personal effectiveness in a number of areas as they progress towards their personal and career goals.

Note: Consultation hours with Sarah count towards certificate hours with the Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute (for students at the Beginning and Intermediate levels of SE™ training) and towards certificate hours in the EQUUSOMA® training.

Common areas of focus include the following:

Clinical trauma work

Sarah offers clinical case consultations that honour the complex interplay of trauma, attachment and personality dynamics, body memory and somatics, ego states and dissociation, boundary and relational rupture and repair, transference / countertransference, safe and effective use of self (SEUS)[1], and how to use specific therapeutic approaches and spiritual/contemplative practices more safely and effectively within your scope of practice with a trauma-informed lens. 

Sarah’s knowledge of a wide range of approaches and frameworks provides a solid foundation from which to explore client-related issues within an integrative model of practice.

Human-equine interactions

Are you a horse lover, equine-assisted therapy and learning professional, riding instructor, equine behaviourist, or horsemanship trainer? Curious about how your unresolved trauma, emotional dysregulation, and attachment patterns, may be impacting horse time or the people and animals you work with? 

Sarah can provide practical frameworks and guide personal exploration to improve interpersonal and inter-species interactions and prevent traumatic re-enactments. Consultations can also focus on integrating neuroscience, nervous system patterns, attachment theory, and somatic awareness into your work. For more information, visit

Transition to private practice

Entrepreneurial skills, practice management logistics, and business strategy are not taught in therapy school. Sarah can help structure your thinking and planning as you consider making the leap to private practice, including: envisioning your ideal clientele and areas of focus; building visibility and self-promotion; administrative issues (such as scheduling, waitlist management, fees, policies and procedures); communication strategies; and addressing the limiting beliefs that get in the way of moving your vision forward. 

Career coaching to enter the helping professions

Sarah therapy session with clientInterested in embarking on a career as a helping professional? Uncertain about your next steps?  Sarah draws on her combined experience as a career counsellor, agency-based mental health counsellor and private practice therapist to support students and early career professionals to explore and evaluate career options, therapeutic approaches, and training programs that align with their personality traits, values, interests and other factors.

Workshops and curriculum development

Looking to offer group workshops and retreats for clients or training seminars for professionals? Sarah can help with identifying your target audience, learning goals, helpful resources and reference works, and with developing a structured workshop agenda or curriculum outline. Factors to consider in effective group facilitation or multi-level teaching can also be explored.

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  1. Please note: Sarah does not provide formal supervision for individuals who are required to practice under a supervisor. She is, however, happy to discuss setting up consultations on a regular or as needed basis.