Approvals and Coverage

Sarah’s services can either be invested in out of pocket, or covered through a variety of different routes. Workplace health benefits and other third party payers are options that may be possible in certain cases. Please review these possibilities below for further information.

Somatic Experiencing® International

  • Approved training assistant (all levels) through Somatic Experiencing® International.
  • Approved personal session provider and individual case consultation provider (all levels) for students completing certificate hours.
  • Approved group consultation provider (beginning level) for students completing certificate hours
  • Click here for Sarah’s official letter of approval.

Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute

  • Approved training assistant (all levels) through the Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute.
  • Approved personal session provider (all levels) for students completing certificate hours.
  • Approved consultation provider (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels) for students completing certificate hours

Extended Health Benefits / Insurance

Some insurance plans cover Sarah’s services (or they can often be reimbursed under company Health Spending Accounts if this is part of your benefits package). Please refer to Sarah’s credentials and consult your benefits provider to find out if you have coverage for any of the following:

  • Registered Psychotherapist (NOT Registered Psychologist)
  • Clinical counsellor
  • Master’s level therapist (master’s degree in counselling psychology)

Some insurance companies will cover therapists on a case by case basis, so it is worth asking. Sarah’s services are covered by a number of Sun Life and Green Shield plans, as well as by Blue Cross / Medavie.

Unfortunately, Sarah’s credentials are not covered by WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board). Many private health insurance programs also do not cover services provided by registered psychotherapists yet. Voicing your feedback to these 3rd party programs may help professionals with her credentials be covered in the future.

While a number of programs have started to revise their policies to include registered psychotherapists (thanks to advocacy by various professional associations and members of the public), this is not the case across the board. Until such time that policies change, Sarah welcomes the opportunity to work with individuals who have experienced trauma as a result of military service or working as a first responder as an out of pocket investment.

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