Sarah Schlote Psychotherapist Ontario

About Sarah

Sarah is an attachment and body-oriented psychotherapist who combines a depth and breadth of knowledge of trauma therapy approaches and neuroscience. Her warm, engaging nature supports her capacity to sit with the complexity of her clients’ experiences.

Therapy is not something that is done to you, but a process that is embarked on together, and your voice is important every step of the way.


Professional Services

Sarah is the trainer of choice for agency and community-wide trauma service initiatives. She is also sought out by therapists and others for strategic support, consultation and guidance in:

  • Clinical trauma work
  • Transition to private practice
  • Equine-human trauma recovery and equestrian trauma
  • Workshops and curriculum development

Speaking & Training   Consultation

Therapeutic Support

A Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, SE™ session provider and SE™ training assistant, Sarah also brings in other approaches, including EMDR, parts work/ego state work using Structural Dissociation Theory, somatic touch work, and attachment rupture and repair work for developmental trauma.

Sarah also draws from several other approaches, including psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness, life coaching, among others.


Sarah Schlote Clinical Services

Upcoming Events

EQUUSOMA - Equine-assisted Trauma Recovery

Curious to learn more about how to integrate Somatic Experiencing®, attachment theory, trauma neuroscience and principles of trauma-informed care into different equine-related scopes of practice?

The EQUUSOMA® training program provides rich learning and personal awareness opportunities that support nervous system repatterning, trauma renegotiation, and relational repair for equines and humans.